Approving Minutes of November 27, 2012 City Council Regular Meeting view: PDF
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Acceptance of Election Certificate view: PDF
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Comments by Outgoing Officials view: PDF
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Recess view: PDF
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Administration of Oath of Office to Newly Elected Councilmembers view: PDF
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Seating of Newly Elected Councilmembers followed by Roll Call view: PDF
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Comments by Newly Elected Officials view: PDF
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Election of City Council President view: PDF
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Public Hearing Regarding State Revolving Funds for the Extension of City Sanitary Sewer along US Highway 281 to Interstate 80 view: PDF
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#9423 – Consideration of Amending Salary Ordinance Relative to Crime Analyst view: PDF
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#2012-347 - Approving Contract for Digital Antenna Project view: PDF
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#2012-348 - Approving Bid Award - Feedwater Heater #5 Replacement view: PDF
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#2012-349 - Approving Capacity Agreement with the Municipal Energy Association of Nebraska (MEAN) view: PDF
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#2012-350 - Approving License Agreement with Hall County Housing Authority for Radio Repeater view: PDF
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#2012-351 - Approving Certificates of Final Completion and Setting Board of Equalization Hearing Date for Water Main Districts 457, 459, 460 and 461 (Parkview Area) view: PDF
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#2012-352 - Approving Subordination Agreement for 515 E 1st Street view: PDF
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#2012-353 - Approving Agreement for Negotiation Services for the US-30 Drainage Improvement Project view: PDF
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#2012-354 - Approving Power Transaction Authorization Policy with the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) view: PDF
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