Public Hearing on Re-Adopting the City of Grand Island Official Zoning Map view: PDF
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Receipt of Official Document - Tort Claim Filed by Dianne G. Kelley view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of February 26, 2008 City Council Regular Meeting view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of March 3, 2008 City Council Special Meeting view: PDF
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#2008-81 - Approving Final Plat and Subdivision Agreement for Copper Estates Second Subdivision view: PDF
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#2008-82 - Approving Final Plat and Subdivision Agreement for Spencer Acres Subdivision view: PDF
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#2008-83 - Approving Interlocal Agreement with the Community Redevelopment Authority for Quiet Zone Improvements view: PDF
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#2008-84 - Approving Bid Award for Water Main Project 2008-W-4 (Crane Valley 4th Subdivision) view: PDF
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#2008-85 - Approving Certificate of Final Completion and Setting BOE Meeting Date for Water Main District 455 - Park-View Area view: PDF
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#2008-86 - Approving Award of Proposal for Engineering Services Related to Environmental Monitoring Services at the Landfill view: PDF
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#2008-87 - Approving Bid Award for Law Enforcement Center Lawn & Landscaping Services view: PDF
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#2008-88 - Approving Contract for Cable Television Services at the Law Enforcement Center view: PDF
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#2008-89 - Approving Grant Award from Region III Behavioral Health Services view: PDF
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#2008-90 - Approving Paul Essman of Capital City Concepts to Conduct Joint IBEW and Future Wage and Benefits Surveys view: PDF
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Consideration of Request from Stratford Plaza, LLC dba Howard Johnson Riverside Inn, 3333 Ramada Road for a Deletion of Approximately 180' x 130' to their Class "C-65949" Liquor License view: PDF
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#2008-91 - Approving Boundaries for Creation of Business Improvement District #6 view: PDF
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#2008-92 - Approving Designation of 1st Street as Stop Sign Protected from Cleveland Street to Washington Street view: PDF
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#2008-93 - Approving Settlement of Sapp Bros. Petroleum, Inc. Condemnation Appeal view: PDF
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Approving Payment of Claims for the Period of February 27, 2008 through March 11, 2008 view: PDF
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