New Council Member Oath of Office:
Recognition of service of Mark McCarthy as a Scottsbluff City Council Member. view: PDF
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Announcement of names of individuals qualified to be seated as members of the City Council and pledging of Oath of Office by newly elected Council and acknowledgement that appropriate bonds are in place. Newly elected Council Members are seated. view: PDF
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Roll call of new Council. view: PDF
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Selection of Temporary Chairperson view: PDF
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Election of Mayor view: PDF
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Election of Vice President of the Council view: PDF
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Council to consider appointment to various committees for a two-year term. view: PDF
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Council to convene as the Scottsbluff Leasing Corporation. view: PDF
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Reconvene as the Scottsbluff City Council – Roll Call. view: PDF
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Closed Session
Council reserves the right to enter into closed session if deemed necessary if the item is on the agenda. view: PDF
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Consent Calendar (Items in the consent calendar are proposed for adoption by one action for all items unless any member of the council requests that an item be considered separately)
Approve the minutes of the November 17, 2014 Regular Meeting. view: PDF
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Regular claims view: PDF
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Financial Report:
Council to receive the September 2014 Financial Report. view: PDF
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Resolution & Ordinances:
Council to consider an ordinance dealing with a change in fees for proposed budgeted increase in fees charged for water, environmental services, and stormwater surcharge (third reading). view: PDF
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Council to consider approval of the Certification and Resolutions appointing Philip Mark Bohl as the City of Scottsbluff Street Superintendent. view: PDF
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Reports from Staff, Boards & Commissions:
Council to consider the agreement with M.C. Schaff and Associates for engineering services for the Monument Valley Pathway North project and approve the Resolution. view: PDF
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Council to consider a Developers Agreement for Premier Estates Subdivision and authorize the Mayor to execute the agreement. view: PDF
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Council to consider a final plat for Lots 1-9, Block 1; & Lots 1 -3, Block 2, Premier Estates Subdivision Premier Estates and approve the Resolution. view: PDF
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Council to consider approval of using up to $70,000 of contingency funds from the electric fund for pre-1984 police officer pension payout. view: PDF
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Council to authorize the Mayor to sign the contract with Copier Connection for the Development Services copy machine. view: PDF
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Council to authorize the Mayor to sign a Memorandum to USDA Rural Development regarding the mitigation contract provisions for the Minatare water projects. view: PDF
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Council to receive an update of the Economic Development Plan, no action will be taken. view: PDF
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