Presentation by Nebraska State Fair Director Bill Ogg on the Upcoming Nebraska State Fair view: PDF
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Public Hearing on One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan view: PDF
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#9831 - Consideration of Approving Changes to Chapter 27 of the Grand Island City Code Relative to Procurement (Second and Final Reading) view: PDF
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#9839 - Consideration of Approving Conveyance of Property to the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs (Second and Final Reading) view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of July 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of July 27, 2021 Budget Work Session view: PDF
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Receipt of Official Document – Tort Claim filed by JNR Adjustment Company, Inc. on behalf of Lumen Technologies view: PDF
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Approving Appointment of Jason Roe to the Citizens Advisory Review Committee view: PDF
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Approving Re-Appointment of Doug Jensen to the Animal Advisory Board view: PDF
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Approving Request of Fonner Park Exposition and Events Center, Inc. (Heartland Events Center) for Ratification of Nomination and Election of Board of Directors view: PDF
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Approving Request from Krystal Carter, 1616 NW 54th Ct, Lincoln, Nebraska for Liquor Manager Designation with Casey's Retail Stores #2883, #2882, #2742, #2737, #2732, #2903, #1768, #2707 view: PDF
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Approving Request from Christine Lewis, 612 Oasis Place, Cairo, Nebraska for Liquor Manager Designation with Carlos O'Kelly's dba Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Café, 1810 Diers Avenue view: PDF
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#2021-189 - Approving an Updated Memorandum of Understanding with Central Community College for Emergency Operations view: PDF
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#2021-190 - Approving Re-Allocation of FTE for Computer Operator to Computer Technician view: PDF
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#2021-191 - Approving Annual Agreement for Financial Software Licensing and Support view: PDF
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#2021-192 - Approving Change Order #1 - Burdick Station Asbestos Abatement view: PDF
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#2021-193 - Approving Purchase of Distribution Transformers view: PDF
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#2021-194 - Approving Resolution to Amend Subdivision Agreement for Nikodym Subdivision Relative to Placement of Sidewalks on Cherry Street view: PDF
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#2021-195 - Approving Certificate of Final Completion for Diffuser Replacement; Project No. 2021-WWTP-2 view: PDF
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#2021-196 - Approving Change Order No. 1 for Furnishing Components for EIMCO® Type C3D-Fully Trough Skimmer Clarifier Mechanism; Project No. 2021-WWTP-1 view: PDF
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#2021-197 - Approving Change Order No. 1 for Final Clarifier No. 1 Renovation; Project No. 2021-WWTP-3 view: PDF
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#2021-198 - Approving Change Order No. 1 for North Road Paving Improvements; Project No. 2019-P-5 (Phase II) view: PDF
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#2021-199 - Approving 2021-2022 Fee Schedule view: PDF
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Consideration of Referring Blighted and Substandard Study for Area #34 to the Regional Planning Commission (The Starostka Group Unlimited) view: PDF
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#2021-200 - Consideration of Approving the Intent to Annex Lot 1 of Hanover Second Subdivision (1118 N. North Road) and Setting a Date for the Public Hearing on Annexation view: PDF
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#2021-201 - Consideration of Approving One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan view: PDF
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Approving Payment of Claims for the Period of July 28, 2021 through August 10, 2021 view: PDF
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