#9739 - Consideration of Vacation of Public Utility Easement in Westgate Industrial Park 2nd Subdivision; 830 Bronze Road and 840 Bronze Road (Little B’s Corp) view: PDF
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#9740 - Consideration of Vacation of Utility Easement - St. Francis Medical Park Third Subdivision - 2620 West Faidley Avenue view: PDF
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#9741 - Consideration of Amending Chapter 12-5 of the Grand Island City Code to Include Lieutenant Positions in the Police Department view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of June 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting view: PDF
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Approving Re-Appointments of Todd Enck, Marv Webb, Brad Kissler, and Justin Oseka to the Building Code Advisory Board view: PDF
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#2019-203 - Approving Bid Award - Coal Silo Inspection and NDE Services at Platte Generating Station view: PDF
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#2019-204 - Approving Bid Award - Precipitator, Bottom Ash and Boiler Industrial Cleaning at Platte Generating Station - Fall 2019 view: PDF
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#2019-205 - Approving Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for the Grand Island Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GIAMPO) for the 2020 Fiscal Year Transportation Planning Program view: PDF
13.2 MB
#2019-206 - Approving Application for the Nebraska Public Transportation Assistance Program view: PDF
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#2019-207 - Approving Amendment No. 2 to Environmental Monitoring Services for the Grand Island Regional Landfill view: PDF
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#2019-208 - Approving Purchase of Stryker Power Cots and Power Load System view: PDF
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#2019-209 - Approving 2019-2020 Fee Schedule view: PDF
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#2019-210 - Approving Change Order No. 5 to Edith Abbott Memorial Library Renovation view: PDF
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#2019-211 - Approving Sale of the Business Assets of The Chocolate Bar, Inc. and Sharena Anson to EPS June, Co. and the Guaranty of Promissory Note o/b/o EPS June, Co. and Perry Schutz view: PDF
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#2019-212 - Consideration of Approving the Appointment of Jerry Janulewicz as City Administrator view: PDF
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Approving Payment of Claims for the Period of June 26, 2019 through July 9, 2019 view: PDF
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Strategy Session with Respect to FOP and IAFF Union Negotiations view: PDF
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Review Jackrabbit Run Golf Course, Heartland Public Shooting Park (HPSP), and Island Oasis Water Park Financials view: PDF
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