Presentation by the Nebraska State Fair view: PDF
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Proclamation “Park and Recreation Month” July, 2016 view: PDF
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#9591 - Consideration of Vacation of Drainage Easement in Vanosdall Second Subdivision (Wayne Vanosdall Sanitation Service, Inc.) view: PDF
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Approving Minutes of June 28, 2016 City Council Regular Meeting view: PDF
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Approving Appointment of Dena Sullivan to the South Locust BID 2013 Board view: PDF
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Approving Appointments of Darwin Wicht, Steve Meyer, Leon Van Winkle, Gregg Bostelman, Bob Loewenstein, Brian Fiala, and Barry Burrows to the Tree Board view: PDF
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#2016-162 - Approving Vehicle Storage Building Construction - Utilities Department view: PDF
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#2016-163 - Approving Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement with Hall County for Public Transportation Services view: PDF
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#2016-164 - Approving Agreement for Engineering Consulting Services Related to Lift Station No. 20 Upgrade and Force Main Rehabilitation & Abandonment of Lift Station No. 14 view: PDF
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#2016-165 - Approving Designation of Sole Source for CUES TV Equipment for the Collection Crew of the Wastewater Division of the Public Works Department view: PDF
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#2016-166 - Approving Bid Award of Concrete Dewatering Pad; Project No. 2016-WWTP-1 at the Wastewater Treatment Plant view: PDF
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#2016-167 - Approving Addition to 2016 One- Year Street Improvement Plan view: PDF
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#2016-168 - Approving Agreement with Victory Place, LLC Regarding Use of CDBG Program Income Reuse Funds view: PDF
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#2016-169 - Approving Certifications Required for Community Development Block Grant Plan Submission view: PDF
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#2016-170 - Approving Final Plat and Subdivision Agreement for Schimmer’s Third Subdivision view: PDF
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#2016-171 - Approving Bid Award for Installation of New Portable Turf at the Community Fieldhouse view: PDF
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#2016-172 - Approving License Agreement between Fonner Park Exposition and Events Center and Verizon Wireless (Heartland Events Center) view: PDF
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Approving Payment of Claims for the Period of June 29, 2016 through July 12, 2016 view: PDF
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